Day 25-Rome

We slept till 9:00 this morning, but I guess 25 days into this vacation that was still not enough sleep because this happened at breakfast…IMG_0818

We took a taxi to the Colosseum as our hotel was on the other side of Rome from it.  Massive.  Pretty much the only word to describe the thing! This morning was cloudy and overcast and just as we were almost to the entrance it started to rain.  We made it inside and under the covered part of the Colosseum during the worst of it.  There was a line for security to get it, but it wasn’t bad at all. Just after we got in, they closed it for a bit because they only let 3000 people in at once.  Once we got inside you couldn’t even tell there were that many people there though.  IMG_0826IMG_0832IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0837

My guys absolutely loved it.  Of course, Scott had wanted to name Grace Maximus if she’d been a boy because Gladiator had just come out!  It’s been structurally secured, but that’s about it.  There are columns laying about and the tops of the columns…IMG_0839

The floor of the arena was wood.  It has rotted away and you can see all the rooms and passageways underneath, but there is one section they have recreated so you can tell what it would have been like…IMG_0845

See the white looking steps to the right in the pic below?  Those are what’s left of the seating…IMG_0847


After we had had our fill of exploring the colosseum, we went to the Roman Forum.  This was the government offices and marketplace of ancient Rome.  It’s mainly ruins, but really neat to walk through.IMG_0854IMG_0855IMG_0852IMG_0862IMG_0866

Just about the time we were done with this, it started to pour!  We quickly found a little cafe and sat inside and had lunch.  By the time we were finished it was bright and sunshiny again.  We hit a few souvenir stores by the cafe.  Mandy bought a snow globe to add to her collection and Thomas bought a plastic sword and Gladiator helmet.  Then asked if we could walk back over to the front of the colosseum for this…IMG_0896

They took a ton of pics with it!  There were people cracking up and stopping to take HIS picture while they did their little photo shoot!  Even the guy in the military uniform on guard duty was laughing!!

Scott continued to use the umbrella even after the rain stopped because it kept the sun off of him!IMG_0897IMG_0885IMG_0890

Your never too old for a plastic sword and gladiator helmet..  He then proceeded to wear it down the street..


These calendars are sold everywhere.  I finally realized instead of the Sexy Fireman calendars they have the Sexy Priest version here in Rome…IMG_0872IMG_0873

And, this is what a gas station looks like inside the city of Rome.  There is literally a restaurant on the backside and a very busy street on the other. You just whip right in off the street!IMG_0871

Also, there are these guys.  At every single. thing. we have been to for the last 25 days! They accost you the second you walk up wanting to sell you a selfie stick, a pig that goes splat and oinks, a keychain, a fidget spinner,sunglasses, today it was rain ponchos and umbrellas.  They are so obnoxious and will not get out of your face until you yell at them.  IMG_0913

For dinner tonight we went back to our favorite place down the street!  Vito was excited to see us again.  He kept telling us what a beautiful family we have and wished us many blessings when we left.  Afterwards, we went back to the Trevi fountain, which I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at, because Aunt Robyn told them on Facebook to throw a coin in the fountain with their back to it and by the next time they visit the fountain again they will have found their true love!  So we had to do it!!IMG_0910

Thomas did it too, but he went so fast I didn’t get a picture of him!  We bought some last  souvenirs and then came back to the hotel to pack up.  Sweet mercy the packing up.  Say a little prayer that all Mandy’s 700 snow globes she’s bought make it home.

A little sad that our big adventure is over, but so ready to be home in our own beds.  We are leaving at 6:20 in the morning for the airport.  Our flight home leaves at 9:15 and lands in Dallas at 2:20 tomorrow afternoon.  We are gonna work on one last blog post on the plane of some of the random funny stuff that’s happened to us on the trip and some of the things we’ve learned while being abroad.

Texas here we come!!!

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